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Hello Folks,
Thank you for visiting our web site.  Our company has several divisions providing expertise in several diversified areas including the field of Information Technology, Energy Efficient Home Design, and construction.
Application Design "& Engineering Consultant Services
Expert application and database design and SQL implementation are some of the most important things a company can do to improve efficiency and maintainability.  By special arrangement, we can develop a plan to improve your software and database, assist in development and assist in unit testing.  Let us analyze your software development efforts.

Home Design and Construction Engineering Services
"Going Green" is not just a concept but a necessity.  With the high cost of energy and expected increases in cost, it makes good sense to build with energy savings in mind.  Mr. Bloomdahl, Bullock County-based builder, was quoted by Ms. Teri Green in her article on Going Green **, "When you implement green-building concepts, the rewards you reap just from small changes quickly can outweigh the costs involved."

** Published in the Alabama Montgomery Advertiser on April 22, 2009
--Richard Bloomdahl, Manager and CEO

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Low Energy Homes
Looking for a New Low Energy Home?  Contact us for Excellent Design, Location, and professional work.